Cultus Lake Park Board 

The Cultus Lake Park Board is made up of seven elected Commissioners; two elected from the Cultus Lake Park Board jurisdiction, and five elected from the City of Chilliwack jurisdiction. The Cultus Lake Park Board is responsible for the long term planning and vision of the park, through the annual budget process. In addition, the quiet enjoyment and environmental sustainability of the park is provisioned through the adoption of bylaws and policies to aid in the administration and management of the entire park. Commercial leases and businesses operating in the park require Park Board approval. 

Cultus Lake Park Boardroom located at 4165 Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake, B.C. V2R 5B5
Telephone: (604)-858-3334
Fax: (604)-858-8091


Cultus Lake Park Board Commissioners invite comments and suggestions. Correspondence may be mailed or faxed to the address above, or emailed.  Depending on the subject matter, letters and emails to the Board may be addressed as follows:

- Referred to staff for follow up
- Responded to by the recipient or any Commissioner
- Placed on an agenda for consideration by the Board at a scheduled meeting
Correspondence requesting action that is considered at a Board meeting will be copied in the public agenda package. If you do not wish to have your contact information included, please indicate that in your submission.



Cultus Lake Park Board Commissioners  

- Charlotte Hall

- Larry Payeur 

- Sacha Peter (Chair 2014)

- Malcolm Shanks

- Owen Skonberg 

- Carlton Toews (Vice Chair 2014)

- David Renwick (Aug 2014)


2014 Board Meeting Dates

printable schedule available here

Jan 15                                    Feb 12

Mar 5                                     Apr 9 and 23

May 14 and 28                        June 11

Jul 9                                        Aug 13

Sept 10 (UBCM conference 22  - 26)

Oct 8 and 22                           Nov 12 and 26

Dec 10 Inaugural Meeting

You are welcome to contact the Executive Assistant  if you have questions about addressing the Board.