Boat Moorage

Leaseholders, residents, campers, and those from outside of our community are welcome to use Park facilities and register to moor boats within the Cultus Lake Park foreshore (100 meters from the high-water mark). 

Our goal is to enhance public safety, to allow staff to contact boat and/or buoy owners in case of boats breaking free, reduce negative environmental impacts, improve Lake aesthetics and provide a more positive and pleasing experience for all users.   

For an annual fee, unlimited launches and boat moorage is available at the Park. Annual boat and buoy registration is mandatory. 

Boats and mooring buoys must be registered and marked, in accordance with Transport Canada regulations and Park Board requirements.

The Boating Bylaw and the fees and Schedule 6 - Boating of the Fees, Fines and Charges Bylaw can by viewed on the Bylaws page, found here


Boat and Buoy registration forms may be processed at the Park Office, the Visitor Services Office, or at Sunnyside Campground for Sunnyside campers.  

Buoys can be purchased at any location of your choosing, as long as it conforms to Transport Canada regulations.  Barr Plastics Inc. in Abbotsford is one provider of approved buoys, and will offer buoys at discounted rates for residents and Sunnyside seasonal campers.
T: 1.800.665.4499

NOTICE OF INTENT (2013.06.28)

Non-registered and non-complying mooring buoys will be removed from the Cultus Lake Park foreshore by Park staff after January 1, 2014. Only approved mooring buoys (white with orange reflective band) will be permitted within the Cultus Lake Park foreshore. 

Boat and Buoy registration each year is mandatory.  

Boat Trailer Parking 

Daily boat trailer parking is available at the Cultus Lake Park boat launch for $20 (including launch), and additional daily boat trailer parking at Lot B (Main Beach) for $6. 

Monthly boat trailer parking is available at the Public Works Yard for leaseholders only (proof of lease is required) for $2.50 per day, from June 1 to September 30. Monthly boat trailer storage is also available for leaseholders only, for $65 per month from October 1 through May 31. Please contact the Park Office to arrange storage and to make payment.  

Boat Launch Facilities

Cultus Lake Park operates two boat launches; a public launch at the end of Sunnyside Boulevard, and a launch for campers and guests at Sunnyside Campground.

Cultus Lake Park / Sunnyside Boulevard Boat Launch 

Launch and Parking Fees Apply
End of Sunnyside Boulevard (near Beach Buoy Boat Rentals)
Cultus Lake, B.C.

FORESHORE HEAD LEASE Recently executed and adopted by the Board 2014 - 2042.

For Boat and Buoy registration, or other boating inquiries: 

Park Office 

4165 Columbia Valley HighwayCultus Lake, V2R 5B5
Telephone: 604-858-3334
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday to Friday
Excluding statutory holidays

Visitor Services Office

4169 Columbia Valley Highway 
Cultus Lake, B.C. V2R 5B5
Telephone: (604) 858-9007
Seven days a week
May through September

Sunnyside Campground

3405 Columbia Valley Highway
Cultus Lake, B.C. V2R 5B5
Seven days a week
7:00 am to 11:00 pm
April through September