Cultus Lake Park operates and maintains the water systems that provide fresh, clean drinking water to it's residents and visitors. 


NEW - 2016 02 11 Cultus Lake Water System - Presentation by Fraser Valley Regional District.  If you were unable to attend the meeting at the Community School on February 11, 2016, the link will show you their presentation



Fire hydrants are being flushed until late January as part of regular  system maintenance. Periodic drops in water pressure may be noticed during this time. Questions regarding hydrant flushing may be directed toward the Manager of Community Services at 604-847-2047.


Water Shut-Offs:

Please be advised that leaseholders or their contractors are not to handle Park water shut-offs. These are located approximately six inches or more outside lot property lines. Please call the Park Office for assistance should you require your water to be shut off or turned on (604.858.3334).