General Bylaw Enforcement - Park Patrol

Cultus Lake is patrolled by the Park Patrol members who maintain a high presence throughout the park. Please do not hesitate to contact the Park Patrol with your concerns or questions at any time.

Mission Statement

To provide professional and efficient bylaw enforcement service for the residents of Cultus Lake, as well as all visitors to the Park.  To enforce the bylaws of Cultus Lake and in doing so ensure the safety and enjoyment for all people at Cultus Lake.  To be visible and approachable to all members of the public and to remain courteous and professional at all times.

General Information

The Cultus Lake Park Patrol is employed by Cultus Lake Park to ensure the safety, enjoyment and well being of the residents, leaseholders and numerous visitors who utilize services, facilities and properties located within the park.

The Park Patrol is responsible for patrolling the residential and business areas of Cultus Lake as well as Sunnyside Campground, enforcing bylaws, responding to complaints and conducting frequent patrols of all areas throughout the park.

Park Patrol members are employed throughout the Summer Season.  Park Patrol receives and investigates approximately 1500 calls for assistance from the public annually and members interact with, and assist, the RCMP, BC Ambulance Service and local Fire Department.


CALL 911 for emergencies and criminal matters

General Authority and Duties


  • Bylaw Enforcement Officer designation by the Cultus Lake Park Board
  • Enforcement of Cultus Lake Park Board bylaws
  • Proactive and reactive patrolling, executed on bike, foot or in Park Patrol vehicle
  • Patrol members are highly visible and approachable
  • Patrol members are required to document all complaints as well as record observations and activities
  • Maintain radio communications among other members and dispatch
  • Participate in briefing, debriefing and reading of reports to stay current with events
  • Emphasis on teamwork and cohesion within the team
  • Display professionalism and good judgement when assisting the public


 Park Patrol:


Telephone: (604)-858-5298
Visitor Services Building
4169 Columbia Valley Highway
Cultus Lake, B.C. Email