Community Spring Clean-Up: April 30 & May 1

Cultus Lake residents are encouraged to pick up litter around their residences, school, trails and streets during this first Community Clean-Up Weekend, April 30 and May 1, 2016.  Residents can volunteer their time to help beautify their neighbourhood, do their part for Earth Day and show their community pride.

 How you can get involved:

 1.   Pick up litter around your house, in your street and back lane, on the trails you like to walk, along the lake front and on the school grounds by May 1, 2016

2. All litter is to be put in black garbage bags. On the East side of the lake, bags are to be put at the tops and bottoms of lanes for pickup on Monday.  Any green waste/ compostable material should be put in clear bags so the Park staff can identify it as such and those should be put at the tops and bottoms of lane as well.

 3. Homes on the West side of the lake should put their bags of litter and green waste in the green space at the corner of Lakeshore and Munroe for pickup.

4. No household garbage or recycling please. That stlll goes with your regular pickup for Monday.  Other recyclable material (paint, electronics, small appliances, plastic) can be taken to the recycling depot on Vedder free of charge.

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