Vedder River Campground Bylaw

Site Occupancy:


One camping unit per site is allowed; i.e. one tent, trailer, camper, or motorhome. A small tent is allowed as a second unit. One motor vehicle per site is allowed. Persons under 21 years of age may not occupy a site without a parent or legal guardian on site.

Campground Etiquette:

11:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. are SILENT HOURS during which time all sound systems must be turned off. Amplified sound systems are NOT allowed in campsites at any time. Use of generators prohibited.


18 years or under not accompanied by an adult while off site after 11:00 p.m. are subject to $50 fine.


Closed at dusk. Children riding bikes must wear helmets. Bikes not permitted after dusk.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be consumed within campsites. ONLY. All Public areas are out of bounds to alcoholic use. The Provincial Liquor Actwill be strictly enforced. Violators subject to $50 fine.


No unlicensed vehicles allowed in the park; i.e. dirt bikes, 3 wheelers etc. or on dyke as stated by law. Vehicles without valid passes in Campground are subject to towing at owners expense.


Visitors must leave the campground by 11:00 p.m. Overnight guests must be registered at the gatehouse. It is the responsibility of registered campers to ensure that their visitors comply with the Vedder River Campground Regulations. If you are expecting guests, please inform Gatehouse staff. Do NOT post names or site numbers on bulletin boards.


There is a charge per day for each pet, with a maximum of 2 pets per site. PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES. Pet owner/registered campers are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Park staff reserve the right to require owners to remove any pet from the park which is considered a nuisance (e.g. excessive barking, running loose, unleashed, etc). Dogs off leash subject to $50 fine.


Environmental Protection:


Keep fires contained in fire rings, keep them low, and keep fire rings away from trees. Please try to restrict your use of compfires to early mornings or evening hours. FIRES MUST BE ATTENDED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES. Clean wood only; no nails, no paint, and not pressure treated. Fines will be applied.


CUTTING of any tree in the campground is strictly prohibited. This includes fallen as well as standing trees. Nothing is to be attached to the trees by nails, screws or any other devices, which could interfere with the natural growth. No ropes tied to trees, please use bungee cords and remove when you leave. Subject to a $500.00 fine.


Please deposit drink cans in the BLUE CONTAINERS, which are located throughout the campground.

Bylaw Enforcement:

The campsite is patrolled regualrily. Should problems arise, please notify staff. After 10:00 p.m., Bylaw Enforcement may be reached at 604-819-6752 or call emergency numbers given. For your own protection, lock up all valuables.

Cultus Lake Park/Vedder River Campground is not responsible for any lost or damaged property.