Jewel of the Fraser Valley

Cultus Lake Park is the jewel of the Fraser Valley. Only 100 km from Vancouver, the beauty of the area is breathtaking. With 640 acres of park, conservation areas, trails, camping, fun activities and beaches with beautiful refreshing water – it’s no wonder it is highly popular with visitors and residents alike.

Cultus Lake Park has approximately 1,500 residential leaseholders and 16 commercial businesses. It is a thriving, dynamic and tightknit community that welcomes two to three million visitors per year to the area.

From the May long weekend to Labour Day in September, Cultus Lake Park blossoms from being a quiet community surrounded by natural beauty into a busy, lively and very popular tourist destination. Pulling people from throughout British Columbia, across Canada and from around the world, Cultus Lake Park is a small spot with a big reputation for nature, adventure and family fun.

As a community, Cultus Lake Park is unique. It is governed under the Cultus Lake Park Act, and is managed by a Board of Commissioners. The Board manages and maintains the lands and grants leases. Residents own their homes and have a 21-year lease for the land with renewal options. Commercial leases are granted for up to five years or longer. The commercial leaseholders run businesses that provide goods, services and exciting and fun activities that meet the needs of residents and visitors alike.

Unlike other levels of local government, the Cultus Lake Park Board does not have the ability to levy taxes. The majority of services provided by the Board are funded by residential and commercial lease rents, Sunnyside Campground revenue, and parking fees.

Along with spending the day at Cultus Lake Park, visitors can camp at Sunnyside Campground or rent one of the eight Cultus Lake Park Cabins.

Welcome to the Park – we hope you enjoy your time with us!

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