Tell Us What You Think About Short-Term Rentals, B&Bs, Secondary Suites and Home-Based Businesses

Short-term vacation rentals, bed and breakfast homes, secondary suites and home-based businesses are a part of today’s reality. Technology and a connected world have driven a shift in how things work.

It is important for the Cultus Lake Park Board and staff to gather input from the community on these topics. We want to understand what the community sees as the opportunities and the challenges in these areas.

As a part of the community engagement process about short-term vacation rentals, bed and breakfast homes, secondary suites and home-based businesses, a survey has been developed to provide input, ideas and feedback. We encourage Cultus Lake Park residents and commercial leaseholders to take this survey.

Community input is crucial for the Board as they review these topics. It will assist them in determining how they should be approached and regulated within Cultus Lake Park.

You can take the survey here:

Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback, input and ideas with us. It is greatly appreciated.


  • It seems the only winner is the owner. I’ve not heard a single positive comment about this from anyone – and SO many negatives – with noise, garbage and PARKING seeming prominent.

  • There nothing wrong, with short term rentals, B&B’s IF parking does not impact neighbours, noise from those holidaying does not impact the neighbours, the garbage they leave behind does not impact the neighbours.
    We have a very desirable community, why would others not want to come here and enjoy what we enjoy every day? We promote Cultus Lake in the Media, we are proud of our Community – BUT we want others to respect our life style and our bylaws.

  • I have completed the survey and would support both Airbnb’s and Shorterm Rentals but here is my main concern. I caution NOISE restraints (closeness to your neighbours) and the parking permits/spaces for said renters. As we all know when you rent a vacation home it can be a party every night. Maybe – make it a condition in the rental agreement that if they receive a noise infraction from bylaw/police then they loose their damage deposit. The Owner is responsible for garbage removal as some rents do not run weekly but rather daily and if garbage is left out – can be messed up by wildlife because of our closeness to nature.

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