Main Beach improvements continue…

October 23, 2020

Main Beach improvements continue…

You may have noticed some more activity this fall at Main Beach. The project priorities are to continue to provide protection of our mature trees and to enhance the experience of users of the Park.

The first step taken was to extend the irrigation lines below the rubber path.  Staff then proceeded to add topsoil around the trees and seed with grass.  The grass is already up creating a magical transformation from dirt and gravel to a verdant green!  Over time, the grass will do the job of reducing further erosion and add to the pleasure of picnicking at Main Beach.

Select groups of trees, where significant erosion has occurred and roots are exposed, have been identified for further protection.  These areas will be defined with a perimeter of rock, logs, cedar posts and naturalized with native plants and woody material.  Most importantly, these protected areas will provide a growing environment for new native trees to be planted for the canopy of the future.

Bark mulch will be added to these new areas as well as to the root zones of the large stands of mature trees on the north side [creek side] of Main Beach.  This mulch is comprised of chipped material from trees, which provides nutrients for the soil and greatly enhances tree health.  This process occurs naturally in the undisturbed forest as organic material breaks down. The other benefits of mulch are moisture retention, root protection, weed control and soil erosion.

Our mulch was provided through the very generous donations of the Dyck family and well as from trees removed in the Park.

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