Tree Removal – Parking Lot B

There seems to be a significant amount of misinformation being posted to community based social media pages regarding the Tree removal in Parking Lot “B”.
To clarify, the trees are not being removed to create additional parking stalls, they are being removed due to the fact that they have suffered, from the time the parking lot was created from root compaction and the trees are dying from the top down. The original design of this lot had vehicles parking on the roots of these trees and over the last 20 years the trees ability to get water and nutrients to the top has been prevented. The trees in the parking lot have been dying for many years and have now become unsafe and need to be removed which was brought before the Park Board in a meeting in April of 2020. The decision to remove the trees was decided long before the redesign of the parking lot was contemplated.
The plan for the new lot has irrigation for the green spaces and replaces the 35 removed trees with 70 trees that will live for many years into the future. It will also include and new basketball court, resurfacing the tennis courts, a walking path that will link Main Beach to the Plaza, paved travelled areas and paved Handicap accessible stalls and Improved flow to help with lot safety.
The Park, through the Environmental Committee has planted 100’s of new trees in the Park over this last 3 years and is committed to continuing to make the park safe and protecting the natural environment by investing in green spaces within the 640 acres.
For reference the two pictures below reference the Douglas Fir tree in lot “B” with root compaction and the other represents a Heathy Douglas Fir with no root compaction on Lakeshore Drive.
Joe Lamb, CAO
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