New Trees for the Foreshore

Cultus Lake Park is continuing with the commitment to preserve the Park for future generations; one of the preservation actions is through tree replacement.  We are pleased to report that approximately 220 trees were planted in 2019 / 2020 and that the 2021 plan includes planting approximately 175 more.

You may or may not be aware that six trees came down along the foreshore in the windstorm this past fall.  In response to this, the Cultus Lake Park and Environmental and Public Areas Planning Committee, will be replacing these trees in locations close by or in other areas of the foreshore that have lost tree canopy.

You will note that six stakes have been placed to mark the approximate location for the new plantings which are adjacent the following properties along the foreshore pathway of First Avenue: 112- 113, 135, 153, 155, 175, 183

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need more trees on the foreshore? Aren’t there enough already?

We need to grow trees for a future canopy as we are consistently losing the old trees along the foreshore. Trees help to protect the shore from erosion, provide shade and provide habitat.   Trees are being planted to replace those lost in storms or removed when designated as danger trees.

What types of trees are being planted? 

Considerations for foreshore trees are those specified in the tree bylaw.  This year we will be planting 5 Maple [Acer Rubrum] and 1 Douglas Fir.  These trees are appropriate for the space available, suited to how the space is utilized, and the proximity of houses.  These are trees that will provide a canopy for shade, create a mix of evergreen and deciduous with fall color, are wind and sun tolerant and hardy and disease resistant.

Who is going to water these trees?

New trees on the foreshore are watered by volunteers at this time.  We are seeking residents who are willing to assist watering this year’s trees during the summer new trees need our help for the first two years until they are established and after that Mother Nature will look after them.  If you are interested in caring for a new tree during the summer months, please let us know.

Will these trees block my view?

The specified trees grow tall, appropriate to having the lower branches removed.  Branches are removed gradually as the tree size increases. This allows for an open view underneath, while maintaining a canopy.  Prior to the lower branches being removed, views are very unlikely to be impeded as the tree is a smaller stature for a number of years.

How are the locations for the new trees chosen?

The sites for new trees are carefully chosen, considering open space where trees have been lost previously, public access, ground space for beach users and open sky for tree growth.

Who pays for new trees?

Trees are paid for from the Cultus Lake Park budget.   In addition, to support expanded tree planting, The Environmental and Public Areas Planning Committee has established a Cultus Lake Tree Canopy Fund, to seek donations.  You can participate in this Legacy opportunity and help preserve the park for future generations

Gift Cards and Tax-deductible receipts are issued to anyone making a donation. 

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