Update on Parking Lot ‘C’ at Cultus Lake Marina

August 9, 2021
Effective Immediately

Update on Parking Lot ‘C’ at Cultus Lake Marina

 Public parking is now restricted to the east side of Parking Lot ‘C’ (beyond the painted yellow line on the left as you enter the parking lot from Sunnyside Boulevard and adjacent to Group Campsite ‘A’). The west side of the parking lot, beyond the painted blue line, is for customers of  Cultus Lake Marina and Rentals Ltd. (“the Marina”).

Staff providing assistance in Parking Lot ‘C’ are employees of the Marina.

For those seeking to park in public parking stalls or launch/retrieve a watercraft, a new QR code payment  option has been implemented on all Cultus Lake Park parking signage. In addition, there is a pay parking  meter located at the entrance of Parking Lot ‘C’. Parking for boat trailers is available in Parking Lot ‘B’.

Holders of Seasonal Parking Passes (also known as “Paddler’s Passes”) can park on the east side of the  parking lot, if space is available, on non-holiday weekdays and Saturdays until 10am.

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