Cultus Lake Park Organizational Changes – Retirement & Promotions

It is with both happiness and regret to announce that Jacquie Spencer, Manager of Visitor Services, Accommodations and Bylaw Enforcement has chosen to retire from the park on October 8th 2021. I am very happy for Jacquie and wish her all the best on her next adventure!

Jacquie, began her employment in March of 2018 in the role of Acting Manager of Visitor Services, Campgrounds and Accommodations. During her time with the park her role and duties grew very quickly, due to this, her title was then changed to Manager of Visitor Services, Accommodations and Bylaw Enforcement as she moved forward implementing many of the successful key initiatives for the park.

Jacquie has provided support to many staff members, created outstanding relations with her team members and is highly regarded. We will miss her laughter, smiles and fun loving tunes that brighten each of our days!

We wish you all the best Jacquie, happy travels!

Jacquie’s retirement has provided an opportunity to relook at the organization and streamline our activities.

I am very pleased to announce that Carly Volk has accepted a promotion to Manager – Sunnyside Campground and Accommodations. Carly has been working for the park since 2014 when she was hired to fill the role of Sunnyside Campground & Vedder River Campground Gatehouse Customer Service Representative. Carly has shown outstanding customer service over the past years and has proven to be a dedicated team player, highly organized and is ready to lead her crew.

I look forward to supporting Carly in her new role as Manager – Sunnyside Campground and Accommodations.

Congratulations on your promotion Carly!

With many recent changes to the organization, Rachel Litchfield, was promoted in January of this year to Manager of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer. While in her current role she will also have Bylaw Enforcement and Security reporting to her.

Please direct any questions to myself.

Joe Lamb – Chief Administrative Officer

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