Flood Recovery Update

Cultus Lake Park staff have been working to recover from the flooding on November 14th and continue to action preventative measures to keep the community safe.

Columbia Valley Highway remains open at this time throughout the Cultus Lake Park community with access to Chilliwack and Yarrow.

The extensive work to the culvert on Munroe Avenue continues to be holding and drainage from the creek is flowing as planned. Staff are scheduled overnight to monitor and clean the debris from the lower creek at Lakeshore Drive to prevent further flooding.

The log boom installed on November 18th at Main Beach has been successful in controlling the excessive debris that has gathered near the mouth of Sweltzer Creek. It has mitigated potential flooding along the foreshore and has prevented damage to footbridges and Department of Fisheries and Oceans assets.

In addition, Public Works staff recover debris that has collected along the foreshore between Main Beach and Sunnyside Campground.

Cultus Lake Park appreciates all of the patience and support throughout the recent weeks, as we focus to restore our community back to its original condition.
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