Recovery Update – December 3, 2021

This week, Public Works staff continued focusing on preventative measures to mitigate further flooding within the community. Due to the continued heavy rainfall, staff have worked daily to remove excess debris from both creek beds to maintain its waterflow.

In addition, crews have been on site working to remove the old water dam above Parmenter Road and have repaired the footbridge that provides access to popular trails on Vedder Mountain.
Restoration along the foreshore progresses as debris continues to be removed from Sunnyside Campground, pathway, and Main Beach foreshores as well as the mouth of Sweltzer Creek where the boom is located.

Removal of damaged docks that have washed up on the shore continue to be cleared to ensure the safety of the public. To support those that live in the community and have been struggling to ward off potential or further flooding, Public Works members have prepared nearly 400 sandbags to help support their need during this time.

Joe Lamb, Chief Administrative Officer has been in discussion with all levels of government to determine the availability of financial aid and assistance for Cultus Lake Park assets. Staff will be providing a report summary to the Board on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

Cultus Lake Park Board and staff appreciate your support during this time.
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