Sunnyside Campground Closed to the Public

The logs and debris that collected along the foreshore to the west of the boat launch in Sunnyside Campground have now been relocated in preparation for processing. At the east end of the campground grinding of the material is scheduled to start on January 6, 2022. Staff will be plowing the area this afternoon to provide a safe route for trucks to remove the debris.

Cultus Lake Park staff have partnered with the City of Chilliwack’s Environmental Engineering team to move larger material and logs with root balls off-site for riparian restoration and fish habitat enhancement. In addition, the remaining ground material will be utilized locally for hog fuel.

The campground and foreshore will be inaccessible to all residents and visitors for the duration of the week as crews will be on site. To ensure public safety, signage will be posted in the campsite alerting the community to avoid this area until work has been completed.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding at this time.

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