Sunnyside Campground Debris Removal Complete

Four months after the devastating flooding events of November 2021, Cultus Lake Park is thrilled to announce the completion of debris removal at Sunnyside Campground!

Throughout November and December, Public Works staff and contracted crews worked extensive hours removing debris from the lake onto the foreshore. In the following months, the debris was relocated to the east end of the campground where it would be ground and transported to a local agricultural operation. In the recent months, work has been done to sift smaller fragments of debris from the beaches and rebuild sections of campsites in preparation for the 2022 camping season.

In addition to the recovery work, staff and crews have been hard at work completing upgrades to various facilities and infrastructure throughout the campground. More details on these exciting updates will be communicated soon!

On behalf of the Cultus Lake Park Board and staff, we wish to extend gratitude and appreciation for the immense amount of hard work and diligence displayed by everyone involved in the recovery!

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