Cultus Lake Park Canada Geese Management Plan

The Cultus Lake Park Board, in partnership with Fraser Valley Regional District and other stakeholders developed a strategic management plan to guide decisions regarding population control of the non-native Canada geese. The document outlines the humane and regional approach to mitigate conflicts caused by geese at Cultus Lake Park. Conflicts include:

• Aggressive behaviour towards people and other animals and wildlife
• Turf damage and fecal deposits on private lawns and park fields
• Environmental degradation from overgrazing of shoreline plants (loss of vegetation and beach erosion) and fecal matter in water (increased nitrogen and biological oxygen demand, BOD)
• Decreased biodiversity from aggressive territorial behaviour that prevents smaller native waterfowl from nesting

In April, Canada geese will begin to identify ideal locations for nesting within the park. Residents and guests to Cultus Lake Park can assist in discouraging geese by:

• Utilizing humane scaring techniques as outlined in the Handbook for Managing Canada Geese
• Respecting any fencing that may be temporarily installed
• Considering habitat modification for your property if you live in the park
• Not feeding the geese any human food
• Monitor areas around the residence for the presence of nests i.e. balconies, flat roofs, etc.

If you are interested in receiving more information or have questions about Canada Goose management tactics, please contact John at [email protected] or Kathie at [email protected]

Cultus Lake Park Board and staff appreciate your cooperation to manage the Canada geese population at Cultus Lake Park.

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