Dogs at Cultus Lake Park

Cultus Lake Park Dog Owners,

The nice weather is just around the corner and Sunnyside Campground has now reopened for the season!

We would like to remind everyone that dogs must be on leash as per the following sections of the Cultus Lake Park Animal Control and Regulations Bylaw No. 1142, 2019:

4.7          The owner(s) of a dog or dogs will keep such dog or dogs on a leash while in a public area within the boundaries of Cultus Lake Park, except where otherwise posted as a designated area (refer to Schedule C). Cultus Lake Park Map – Schedule C

4.8          The owner(s) of a dog or dogs will keep the dog or dogs off all beaches, wharves and foreshore areas and will be only permitted in the water in designated dog swim zones/areas (refer to Schedules B and C).

4.9          The owner of a dog or dogs will be responsible for all clean-up of their dog’s feces on all Park property.

4.10        A dog will be deemed to be at large when such dog is in any public area, and not on a leash as required within Cultus Lake Park, with the exception of the designated off leash and dog swim area.

Please be advised that Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement Officers will be enforcing this bylaw throughout the year.

We encourage you to continue to access both dog swim areas, play zones and trails here in the park. Dog licenses can be purchased at the Cultus Lake Park Board office.

If you have any questions, please contact the park office at 604-858-3334 or email [email protected].

Thank you for your cooperation!

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