NEWS! Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement, Parking Ambassadors & Enforcement Officers, Security & Community Policing Team

Many residents may be wondering what the park has planned for this season. Some are already wondering what is happening along Sunnyside Boulevard…

We are looking for a smooth transition into the summer season and staff have been busy planning and preparing recommendations to support residents and visitors that will be visiting the park.

First, we are happy to say that with the recent changes to the Short -Term Rental Bylaw and Policy, we have had an opportunity to speak with each resident to discuss the operation of either a brand-new application or a renewal request. We discussed expectations of the grant of the license to operate, enforcement and communication with any issues that are noted through our enforcement team. In addition, we established dialogue on both sides, to support operations in the park. We also spoke with our leaseholders and would like to thank those that provided some great feedback as well as helped foster community relations.

You will see new changes in the park this year, some residents have already noticed the kiosk on Sunnyside Boulevard being painted and freshened up. This year we will be introducing the use of the gatehouse as a pilot project to increase the visibility of our Bylaw Enforcement Officers, Security, Parking Enforcement Officers and on occasion members of the Policing Team. Staff will not be manning the gatehouse as a check point but will be using it throughout the day and evening as a location to relay information and review complaints or concerns when conducting patrols. You will also notice staff on rotation in the park on foot and/or bikes patrolling the beach areas and docks. We are hoping this will provide the community with an additional sense of security.

This year we will be welcoming an additional Bylaw Enforcement Officer to the team. Our approach will be to educate and seek compliance prior to enforcement and issuing tickets.

Sunnyside Campground is now open, and security has begun monitoring the activities throughout the campground. Residents and visitors will also see the Security Team throughout the residential and public areas of the park shortly.

Staff recently met with the Community Policing Team and we are looking forward to their return this year. We will be moving forward with a ZERO tolerance for alcohol in the park and signage will be placed in public areas as a reminder. We have noted nearby parks are allowing alcohol and we want to present that Cultus Lake Park is a safe and family friendly environment to visit and recreate.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun filled summer!

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Rachel Litchfield, Manager of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer 604-847-2041 or [email protected]

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