Village Center Planning and Development Committee Update

The Village Center Planning and Development Committee was struck in early 2021. The primary focus is to consider the sustainable and thoughtful redevelopment of the Cultus Lake Park Plaza, and to facilitate progress toward a multi-use development, comprised of residential and commercial spaces, reflecting the history and style of Cultus Lake as outlined in Plan Cultus.
We are in the beginning stages and an integral part of this process is focused on transparency and public consultation. It is vital that the community is involved throughout this process; with the ability to provide feedback and comments that result in a project that encapsulates the value and beauty of the Cultus Lake community.
In 2021, we were provided initial feedback via a survey which polled Cultus Lake Park stakeholders with respect to the scope of the development. Additionally, the committee met with delegations from the Fraser Valley Regional District to assist in outlining the path forward.
This year, the committee has released a Request For Proposal (RFP) with the goal of hiring a Consultant, or Consulting Firm, with knowledge and experience regarding development in
communities with attributes similar to Cultus Lake Park. This will provide direction to the Committee, the Board, and staff regarding the development of the Cultus Lake Park Village Center. The proposals will be presented to the Cultus Lake Park Board for review and final selection of a consultant.
On behalf of the Village Center Planning and Development Committee, we look forward to facilitating the ideal redevelopment for our community. We will do this with the support of the Board, Cultus Lake Park Residents, our indigenous neighbours, FVRD, the City of Chilliwack, guests, and other stakeholders.

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