May is Invasive Species Month – Play Clean Go

May is Invasive Species Action Month! We love to go outside and play in the woods, but what gets picked up by our footwear, clothing, tires, or even our pets? How many times have you walked through a field of grass, and emerged covered in tiny little seeds? Many seeds and plant fragments have evolved burrs, hooks, or spines in order to stick onto you when you come in contact with them – this helps them hitch a ride from one place to another without us knowing!

Next time you head out to your favourite places, ensure you don’t transport invasive species around! Follow these steps to Play Clean Go:

1) Stay on trails and roads so you encounter less invasive hitchhikers
2) Inspect and remove any plants, insects, or mud from your boots, any gear, bikes and ATV tires
3) If you see boot brushes or cleaning stations at the trailhead, use them! Clean your gear before leaving the trailhead, and before visiting a new recreation area
4) Learn to identify invasive species, and report any invasive species you come across

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