Waste Receptacle Maintenance Reminder

As the warmer weather approaches, it is important for Cultus Lake Park residents to ensure waste management receptacles are well maintained and stored appropriately to not attract wild or domestic animals.

Cultus Lake Park staff wish to remind residents of the Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 1210, 2022, specifically related to:

Section 3.5 No leaseholder, occupier or tenant of a leased lot, or any other person, will maintain waste management receptacles within the Park unless they: (a) Are contained entirely on the leased lot; (b) are stored in a safe, sanitary, and inoffensive manner, that does not attract wild or domestic animals; (c) are only set out between 12:00 pm the day prior to pick up and 8:00 am on the designated day of collections; (d) do not remain outside of the leased lot past the day of collection; and (e) have the Cultus Lake Park issued labels affixed in a visible location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the park office at 604-858-3334 or email [email protected].

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