Reducing Bear Conflicts

An increased number of bear sightings have been reported throughout Cultus Lake Park and surrounding areas.

You can help reduce potential conflicts with bears by securing attractants and preventing bears from becoming food conditioned. In most calls to the Conservation Officer Services, garbage is identified as the primary attractant.

Residents are encouraged to report any strewn waste throughout public and residential areas to the Cultus Lake Park office, to help keep our community safe and secure. Reports can be made directly on the Cultus Lake Park app. Additionally, you can notify staff by emailing [email protected] or by calling Reception at 604-858-3334.

WildSafeBC highlights the following items and the most common attractants for bears and other wildlife:

Pets and pet food
Bird feeders
Fruit trees
Berry bushes
Livestock, apiaries, and feed
Fish and smokehouses

For more information on how you can support reducing wildlife attractants, please visit the WildSafeBC website at

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