Waste Collection Guidelines Reminder

Cultus Lake Park residents are reminded to set out containers for collection only between 12:00 pm on the day prior to pick up and 8:00 am on the day of collection (Monday).

Staff ask that containers are placed at the curb facing the road with the lids closed for ease of collection.

Valley Waste and Recycling will collect and dispose contents of:

– one green tote;

– one recycle tote; and

– up to 240L of refuse (two 120L garbage bags or two 120L garbage containers).

Additional green waste or recycling material not fully contained in the totes will not be collected, i.e., cardboard boxes, paper bags of green waste, etc. However, leaseholders are welcome to purchase “extra garbage bag” stickers from the Cultus Lake Park office for $1.50 to set out an additional 25kg of refuse. Stickers are valid for garbage only, not green waste or recycling.

For the benefit of the Community’s health and safety, when containers are not at the curb for collection, they must be stored safe and securely wholly on lease lots to avoid attracting animals. The link below to Fraser Valley Regional District’s Waste Wise brochure provides practical information on collection materials and their respective waste stream.

Waste Wise Brochure
2022-2023 Waste Collection Schedule


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