Cultus Lake Park App Update

The Cultus Lake Park app launched one month ago today, creating a new platform for improved communication between staff and members of the community. The app is currently downloaded on 604 devices and has been opened over 4,000 times!

Since the introduction of the app, staff have received and actioned over 60 reports generated by our users throughout residential, public areas, and Sunnyside Campground.

The Report an Issue function of the app should only be used for non-urgent Bylaw Infractions that do not require immediate attention. All urgent Bylaw Enforcement matters in residential and public areas should be communicated verbally by phoning 604-858-5298. For all urgent Bylaw Enforcement matters in Sunnyside Campground, please phone 604-8558-5263. If Bylaw Enforcement or Security cannot be reached, please contact the RCMP Non-Emergency line at 604-792-4611.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app and taken the time to engage with us through the platform! Your feedback and suggestions will aid in staff’s ability to continue improving communication to our community.

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