Please familiarize yourself with Cultus Lake Park Regulation Bylaws. For Cultus Lake Park, the local authority is the Cultus Lake Park Board.

Cultus Lake Park Bylaws are adopted by the Cultus Lake Park Board and administered by bylaw enforcement officers appointed by the Board.

It is important to note that Cultus Lake Park Bylaws listed here are not a complete listing of all Cultus Lake Park Bylaws. The list only contains bylaws available in digital form which are frequently requested.

Park bylaws are conveniently provided online for information or research purposes only. Many have been consolidated.

The online versions of the bylaws of the Cultus Lake Park Board are not “official documents” and should not be relied upon as such. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all documents on this website; however, bylaw amendments are passed by the Board, from time to time, as circumstances change.

If you require official certified copies of current bylaws, they can be obtained from the Manager of Corporate Services/Corporate Officer.

Cultus Lake Park Act

Cultus Lake Park Use Plan

Bylaw Consolidations

Notice of Fees

Building & Development Related Bylaws

Regulatory Bylaws

Administrative Related Bylaws

Animal Control Related Bylaw

Boating and Foreshore Bylaw

Business Related Bylaws

Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaws

Campgrounds and Cabins Bylaws

Greenspace Related Bylaws

Parking Related Bylaw

  • Please see above under Bylaw Consolidations

Public Areas Related Bylaws

Short-Term Rental Bylaw

Regional District Bylaws

Residential Leaseholder Related Bylaws

Miscellaneous Non-Regulatory Bylaws

Budget Bylaws

Board Procedures Bylaw

Emergency Related Bylaws

Finance Bylaws

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