Cultus Lake Park is a beautiful destination to take a stroll with your pup in any season. Whether you are in the dog park, swim areas, play zones or trails, Cultus Lake Park is the perfect respite for you and your pet. A friendly reminder that dogs must be leashed in all areas of the park, except in the designated unleash areas highlighted in purple below.

The Cultus Lake Park Animal Control and Regulations Bylaw, outlines that:

4.10 A dog will be deemed to be at large when such dog is in any public area, and not on a leash as required within Cultus Lake Park, with the exception of the designated off leash and dog swim area.

Failure to comply may result in the following fines as per the Animal Control and Regulations Bylaw:

• Failure to clean up $ 100
• Dogs unleashed: $100
• Dogs on wharf or undesignated beach area: $100
• Dogs unlicensed: $200
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