Local Residents and Businesses

The Cultus Lake Park community is a vibrant, thriving community that has approximately 1,500 residential leaseholders, 21 commercial businesses and Sunnyside Campground (with close to 600 campsites).


Cultus Lake Park is a popular tourist destination throughout the year for visitors from around the province, throughout Canada, the U.S. and all over the globe.

The beauty of Cultus Lake, our spectacular sandy beaches, the lush forests and trails, and multiple family-fun activities means that summer is a busy time at Cultus Lake Park. It is estimated that two to three million people make a trip to the region between Victoria Day weekend in May and Labour Day weekend in September.

More and more visitors are discovering the less-crowded magic of spring, fall and winter at Cultus Lake Park. People are choosing to visit when the park is less busy than in the summer – and when they can enjoy a quieter, more peaceful experience.

During the December holiday season, Cultus Lake Park is a strong draw for those who want to celebrate the season by taking time to enjoy the stillness of the lake, photograph the snow in the mountains around the park, and take advantage of the opportunity to sip a hot chocolate and get festive with the fabulous holiday lights display in the park in December.

Of course, spring and fall also provide an excellent opportunity to visit – when leaves are changing colour and the geese are heading south in the fall or as new green growth begins to appear and the days begin to get longer in the spring. Whatever the season, Cultus Lake Park gives visitors and residents the chance to appreciate all that nature has to offer, and during shoulder seasons, they get to do so without the crowds of summer.

Cultus Lake has interesting folklore and legends – you can learn more here: http://folklore.bc.ca/cultus-lake/.

No Smoking Bylaw

Cultus Lake Park is a “no smoking” community. The No Smoking Bylaw No. 1077, 2016, approved in July 2016, prohibits smoking in most public areas. This applies to all green spaces, beaches, treed areas, trails, parking lots, public washrooms, residential roadways and playgrounds within the Cultus Lake Park boundary. Residential properties and individual campsites at Sunnyside Campground are exempt.

Park & Beach Bylaws and Respectful Behaviour

Cultus Lake Park is an inclusive, welcoming community. We ask that you be considerate of others (after all, we all share the park, beaches, lake and trails), pick up after yourself, and do not leave litter or garbage behind. Whether you are a resident, business leaseholder or visitor, you are requested to adhere to all Cultus Lake Park bylaws.

Please keep your dog(s) on a leash, except in designated off-leash areas.

Wildlife and Waterfowl

Cultus Lake Park is surrounded by nature. This is why we are such a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. And it means that there is wildlife and waterfowl in the area.

  • Please do not disturb, tease or cause harm to any animals or birds.
  • Please report wildlife sightings and/or animal injuries to Conservation at: 1-877-952-7277 and please also notify the Cultus Lake Park office at: (604) 858-3334.
  • Please do not leave food or garbage lying around, as it may attract animals.
  • Please do not feed the geese.

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