Trail Cross Event April 26, 2014 at Cultus Lake Park

TrailCross is a race that brings you back to the most primitive form of competition. This style of race is a hybrid between a traditional trail race, and the format of a Ski Cross race.  Racers will compete in multiple heats, advancing based on their performance. 

This race is designed to test both the physical and mental toughness of its participants. Whether they are being chased as they lead the pack or grinding it out as they slowly chase down the racer out in front. The courses will be short, ranging from 1-2 km, but they will be grueling. Combined of single and double track trail with technical ascents and descents, the speed required to win will demand focus, adaptability and a pure drive to lead the pack.

Are you ready for the next evolution in running?

Take the challenge...see you at the top!              #TrainTrailRepeat

This is a privately sponsored event - please visit the Sponsors' Website here. YouTube video link