New Policy for Public Agendas

As of April 23, 2014, the Board has adopted a new policy for public agenda access. With environmental and fiscal responsibility in mind, and ready access to information as a customer service priority, the public is encouraged to bring their electronic devices to Board meetings to follow the meeting agenda packages.

Complimentary WiFi in the Boardroom offers ease of access to the entire meeting package, saving money and reducing the Park's carbon footprint. 

Anyone wishing to have a hard copy of the complete agenda may contact the Park Admin office (any time after 3 pm on the Monday before a meeting and up to 2 pm the day of), and a complimentary copy will be provided. Printed copies of the agenda face page will be available at public meetings.

The public has offered very positive feedback about the new website and RSS feed; the migration to an electronic meeting is expected to be well received and supported. This new policy moves Cultus Lake Park forward with many other municipalities who are conscientiously adopting a greener, environmentally friendly philosophy.