Community & Park Plan Open House July 25 and Online Survey

Dear Cultus Lake Park Community Member,

Re: Version 2 Draft PlanCultus, a Community and Park Plan for Cultus Lake Park

Cultus Lake Park, in collaboration with the Fraser Valley Regional District, has undertaken a process to create a new Community and Park Plan for Cultus Lake Park. Since the first version of the PlanCultus Draft was distributed in January 2015, we have been meeting with stakeholder groups and the Future Plan Advisory Committee, making changes and refinements to the plan based on feedback received.

We now have Version 2 complete, and are actively seeking community input for this second draft. Along with this letter, we have included a summary of Version 2 of the draft plan, and a survey asking your opinion on the proposed land use changes, to be returned by August 7.

The full Version 2 of the draft plan is available online at:

If you would prefer to fill out the survey online by August 7, it can be found here:

The next step in the planning process is to gather all the community feedback and further refine the draft (to create Version 3). The Future Plan Advisory Committee and Cultus Lake Park Board will review and finalize the Version 3 draft, which will then be distributed for a final round of community consultation this fall, prior to being considered by the Park Board for adoption as a Park Bylaw.

Thank you for your active participation in planning for the future of Cultus Lake! Please contact FVRD Planning Staff at 604-702-5000 or by email if you have any questions or comments related to the planning process.


Joe Lamb

Chair, Future Plan Advisory Committee

Vice-Chair, Cultus Lake Park Board

Cultus Lake Park