Here is a Unique and Affordable Gift Idea!

Did you know that the Main Beach Beautification Project is underway? The goal of the project is to provide Universal Access to all. 

You can purchase one or more bricks, with a $20 donation for each, and have your name or that of a loved one engraved on it, to be used as part of the pathway at Main Beach. A beautiful card is available to thank you and provide to the person you are gifting.

Call or drop by the Park Office to participate in "Building Our Park One Brick at a Time" . Thank you for supporting the Main Beach Event and Fundraising Committee! 

2014 Budget - Public Input Session Nov 27 - 7 pm

The 2014 Budget Bylaw received First Reading for introduction at the November 13th meeting. The November 27 Regular meeting of the Cultus Lake Park Board will include a staff presentation of highlights and public input session regarding the 2014 budget. 

The agenda package for the 27th is posted online on the Board/Agendas&Minutes page contains budget highlights, the budget bylaw and Schedule A, the 2014 budget, and Schedule B, the proposed 5-year plan. 

The Park Board will vote on a number of motions related to projects and allocations for 2014, and listen to the public who wish to speak during a special public input session.

Your input is valuable, and anyone wishing to be present for this important meeting is invited to attend. The Boardroom is located at the rear of the Park Administration Office building at 4165 Columbia Valley Hwy. 

There is free, unsecured wireless internet access in the Boardroom. All devices must be muted at all times during the meeting. All regular Board meetings are video recorded and posted online for general viewing the day after the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Assistant during office hours or or by email. Thank you.

Vandalism at Sunnyside Campground

Cultus Lake Park is seeking any information regarding recent vandalism at Sunnyside Campground.

During the night of Friday, October 25 2013 or early hours of Saturday, October 26 2013 three of the washrooms at Sunnyside were severely vandalized, resulting in thousands of dollars in required repairs. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding the incident, please contact David Stelmack, Manager of Community Services at 604-847-2047 or via email

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NEW Residential & Guest Parking Permits

NEW Residential & Guest Parking Permits

Permanent permits are now available to replace the temporary permits distributed in 2012. Each leasehold property will receive two Resident Permits and three Guest Permits. Any additional Resident Permits purchased in 2011 or 2012 will be reissued at no cost to the leaseholder. 

Please bring appropriate identification so we are able to verify you are the leaseholder authorized to pick up the permits.

NOTE:  For tenants or non-leaseholders picking up parking permits, proof of leaseholder permission (with the name of the person picking up permits clearly stated) is required, and may be presented in the form of a letter either:

 -          in person at the time of pick-up;

-          emailed in advance to Administrative Administrative;

-          faxed in advance to 604-858-8091; OR

-          mailed to Cultus Lake Park at 4165 Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake, BC V2R 5B5.

Parking permits may be picked up at the Cultus Lake Park Office during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm OR from Visitor Services on weekdays from 4:30pm to 6:00pm and weekends from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

2013 Parking Plan Revisions:

  • All residential parking areas are designated as “Permit Parking Only”.
  • The West side of Sunnyside Boulevard will be designated as No Parking.
  • The treed area of the East side of Sunnyside Boulevard is designated as resident and guest permit parking, with the only exception being for event overflow parking at a fee of $5.00 per vehicle when authorized by the Manager of Community Services.
  • All non-designated parking areas on Munroe Avenue and Lakeshore Drive are restricted to guest and resident permit parking only, on a first-come, first-served basis; and no individual leaseholder is to monopolize a parking space.
  • The four parking spaces at the South end of Munroe Avenue are designated as permanent parking for residents of lots LR218W, LR219W, LR220W and LR221W.
  • All lake-access lanes and vacant lots along the West side of First Avenue are designated as “No Parking” areas, and Birch Street Park are designated for resident and guest parking onlyn a first-come, first-served basis; no individual leaseholder is to monopolize a parking space.
  • Staff will develop signage regarding parking restrictions, to be placed at the Sunnyside Boulevard kiosk.
  • The Manager of Community Services is authorized to issue temporary guest parking permits for leaseholders or residents who are hosting an event and will require additional parking for guests. If you require such temporary parking, please contact David Stelmack at 604-847-2047 or
  • in the event that any temporary guest parking permit is not returned to the Park, a $50.00 replacement fee shall be charged to the leaseholder or resident; the replacement fee may be waived under extenuating circumstances.
  • Plaza parking shall be enforced from 07:00 to 21:00 daily.  
  • Parking Bylaw Amendment 2010-02 HAS NOT CHANGED.

Dog Control at the Park

All dog owners:

Please keep your dogs on a leash, off of the wharves and beaches and remember that you are responsible to clean up after your pets.

We  offer a public dog swim area at the end of Sunnyside Blvd. and an off-leash dog park behind our Plaza. Thank you, and we hope you and your pets enjoy our facilities.   

Click here for a map of the off leash and dog swim areas in the Park, from Good Neighbour Bylaw 1041-13.

Water Shut-Offs

Please be advised that leaseholders or their contractors are not to handle Park water shut-offs. These are located approximately six inches or more outside lot property lines. Please call the Park Office for assistance should you require your water to be shut off or turned on (604-858-3334).

Call for Assistance

The Public Works department asks that all residents along the East and West waterfront  remove their lawn chairs, ornaments, etc. from the lawn areas for Wednesday and Thursday mornings to allow staff to cut the lawns in an efficient manner. Thank you for your assistance.

Important Flushing Notice

Please do not flush J Cloths down the toilets, as they will cause back-ups and additional costly problems with the piping & septic systems. For a description of the J Cloth, please click here. Thank you for your consideration.