Cultus Lake Park Board seeks your views/comments on Parking Report

As part of the Cultus Lake Park Board's Strategic Plan, staff were directed to conduct a review of all the parking in Cultus Lake Park in October, 2016.  Parking is a large issue as it affects everyone who uses or lives at the lake – residents, business owners and visitors.  Staff hired Sharon Fletcher, a consultant to conduct this review.  The Park Board will be reviewing thepublic input and the report at the September 13, 2017 and possibly the October 18, 2017 meeting. 

Prior to making any decisions, the Park Board would like to seek the public’s input on this report and the recommendations contained within it.  Please email your views and/or comments before noon, September 5, 2017 to  The Parking Report can be viewed here.

Thank you

Bonny Bryant, Chief Administrative Officer

Response to Freedom Mobility re Tower Location - August 18, 2017

Thank you Tawny for your email.  We are pleased to hear that the proposed wireless utility pole project BCW0024 has been put on hold, as our residents have made it clear that the two proposed sites the one at Sunnyside Blvd and Mountain View Road and the site at Lot C were not acceptable. 

Given this public input, the Cultus Lake Park Board at the August 16, 2017 meeting informed the community that they will not agree to a wireless utility pole in the residential area.  If another pole is required, staff would be happy to work with you to identify another area in the park outside of the residential areas. 

Thank you, warmest regards

Bonny Bryant, Chief Administrative Officer

Cultus Lake Park


Freedom Mobile’s response to Cultus Lake Parks Board August 4, 2017 email

At this time Freedom Mobile wishes to put the proposed wireless utility pole project BCW0024 on hold until sometime after it constructs the other sites servicing the area and launches its wireless market in the Chilliwack and Cultus Lake areas. Should Freedom Mobile still require service improvements, it will re-engage community stakeholders and the Parks Board, which would not be until next year at the earliest. We appreciate your support and input to date.


Tawny Verigin


Email to Freedom Mobility re Tower Locations - August 4, 2017

The following email was sent to Freedom Mobility on August 4, 2017 on behalf of the Cultus Lake Park Board

From: Kelly Ridley for Bonny Bryant
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2017 12:48 PM
To: 'James Shaw'
Cc: Board Members; 'David M. Renwick, Q.C.'; Bonny Bryant
Subject: Proposed Cell Tower on Sunnyside Boulevard, Cultus Lake BC

As you heard at the public meeting held August 2, 2017 and the numerous emails that were directed to you and further to our telephone conversation today, the residents of Cultus Lake Park do not wish to have the cell tower located in the residential areas of the Park and in particular they do not want it located in either of the suggested locations off of Sunnyside Boulevard.

The Cultus Lake Park Board are very mindful of the residents collective concerns.   Accordingly we are advising that a new location will have to be considered that reflects the wishes of our community. 

Our staff is prepared to work with yours to look at alternate sites if required.  In the event one is selected, it will be necessary for that new location to be scrutinized by the public in a manner similar to the public meeting held August 2, 2017. 

We look forward to further input and dialogue over the months ahead. 

Bonny Bryant, Chief Administrative Officer




Turn your CLUTTER into someone else’s TREASURE!



8:30 am - 12:00 noon

All residents are encouraged to participate in the Community Wide Yard Sale. It’s easy - no need to register or pay, just host your own yard sale July 22, between 8:30 and noon.

Cultus Lake Community Events and Marketing is supporting the community wide yard sale with advertising online, in the newspaper and on the community sign boards. Also Lions Parking will be notified that yard sale shoppers are free to stop and park on residential streets while shopping.