General Bylaw Enforcement - Park Patrol

Cultus Lake is patrolled by the Park Patrol members who maintain a high presence throughout the park. Please do not hesitate to contact the Park Patrol with your concerns or questions at any time.

Mission Statement

To provide professional and efficient bylaw enforcement service for the residents and visitors of Cultus Lake Park. To enforce the bylaws of Cultus Lake and in doing so ensure the safety and peaceful enjoyment of the Park. To be visible and approachable to all members of the public and to remain courteous and professional at all times.

General Information

The Cultus Lake Park Patrol Bylaw Enforcement service is provided by Commissionaires BC. Park Patrol is responsible for patrolling the residential and business areas of Cultus Lake as well as Sunnyside and Vedder River Campgrounds, enforcing bylaws, responding to complaints and conducting frequent patrols of all areas throughout the Park.

Park Patrol:

Telephone: (604)-858-5298
Visitor Services Building
4169 Columbia Valley Highway
Cultus Lake, B.C. Email

Call 911 for emergencies and criminal matters

Cultus Lake Park is not responsible for security or enforcement at the Cultus Lake Provincial Parks.
For matters or concerns regarding the Provincial Parks, please call

Cultus Lake Bylaw Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to activities within the residential and public areas of Cultus Lake Park (excluding Sunnyside and Vedder River Campgrounds)

Q: What are the Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement Officers general responsibilities and duties and how do they differ from the RCMP?

A: Bylaw Enforcement Officers are responsible for the day-to-day enforcement activities of all the bylaws set forth by the Cultus Lake Park Board. Additionally they also provide a physical security presence and deterrence of criminal activities. They work closely with the Chilliwack RCMP by providing information on people and events that risk the overall peaceful enjoyment of Cultus Lake Park. The Chilliwack RCMP are tasked with public safety and security, investigation of crimes, and enforcing Provincial and Federal law.

Q: Who do leaseholders, residents and visitors contact if they have a problem?

A: For emergencies, please call 911. For non-emergency criminal matters, please call the non-emergency RCMP line at 604-792-4611.

For urgent Bylaw Enforcement related matters and concerns call: 604-858-5298
For other non-urgent Bylaw concerns, or questions please email Park Patrol.

Q: What is the typical Bylaw Enforcement response time after a call?

A: The typical response time varies; anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how many other calls they have in the queue, the number of staff on shift, and the severity and priority of any other incidents that Bylaw Enforcement Officers may be attending. When called they will do their best to attend and do a follow up to ensure satisfaction and resolution.

Q: What are the powers or authority of the Bylaw Enforcement Officers, and what is their jurisdiction?

A: Bylaw Enforcement Officers are designated as such by the Cultus Lake Park Board. They are authorized to enforce all Bylaws relative to Cultus Lake Park as set forth by the Cultus Lake Park Board, and those authorities include the ability to provide evictions from public areas, and to write tickets with fines attached to them to those in contravention of any Bylaws. They are not Peace Officers and do not perform duties or acts of Peace Officers.
Their jurisdiction includes roads, lanes, parking lots, residential areas, business plaza, school, fire hall, public works yard, dog park, offices, horse trails, golf course, beach front, docks, Cabins at Cultus Lake Park (eight rented by the Park) Sunnyside and Vedder River Campgrounds.

Q: How do the Bylaw Enforcement Officers patrol the Park?

A: Bylaw Enforcement Officers mainly perform foot patrols of the areas, and have bikes and a vehicle available to use when required. It is preferred that they perform foot patrols, as they can hear, see and smell activities of the Park that much better, and are also more approachable when on foot.

Q: Do the Bylaw Enforcement Officers wait to be called if there is an issue?

A: The Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement Officers are directed to patrol the Park proactively, with the goal of dealing with matters before they become problems. However, as the Bylaw Enforcement team cannot be in all areas at the same time, they do rely on residents or visitors calling in to notify them of any issues so they can address them in a timely manner. The Bylaw Enforcement Officers also maintain a shift log of calls and occurrences so reoccurring issues can be identified and handled accordingly.

Q: Who handles parking issues? Do the Bylaw Enforcement Officers have the authority to tow a vehicle?

A: The Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement Officers patrol residential parking areas along with the help from Lions Parking. Should a vehicle be parked in a residents driveway or blocking a driveway or road, residents are encouraged to contact Bylaw Enforcement to remedy the matter. The Bylaw Enforcement Officers have the authority to ticket, boot, and/or tow a vehicle.

Q: What is the availability of the Bylaw Enforcement Officers?

A: During the spring/summer season they are available 7 days a week. During the fall/winter months they are available during variable hours.

Q: Who should be contacted if there is a complaint, comment, or suggestion about the Bylaw Enforcement service?

A: Meghan Shattock-Lutz, Manager of Visitor Services, Campgrounds and Cabins invites feedback, suggestions and concerns regarding Bylaw Enforcement matters in the Park, and can be contacted via email or by phone at 604-847-2045.