Parking Lot B Construction Notice

Parking Lot Construction

Parking Lot B reconfiguration  work commences with surveying January 17, 2021 and construction will begin shortly after. Project duration is weather dependant and estimated at 5-7 weeks; the completion deadline is April 1. While the parking lot will be closed during construction, parking is available at Parking Lot A on Lakeshore Dr. and Main Beach will remain open.


In 2018 Registered Professional Forester Robin Clarke provided staff with a Park Planting Prescription. The document addresses key areas of the park and offers recommendations aimed at improving tree and forest health. Trees as well as their surroundings in Parking Lot B were assessed prior to finalizing the document and the forester made several recommendations. In short, it was noted that trees within the parking lot were dying from irreversible root damage and removal was necessary. In the Spring of 2020 an ISA arborist reviewed the trees with staff again and further confirmed their advanced state of deterioration and the requirement for removal.

Tree Replacement

As a result of the tree’s condition and subsequent removal, staff has an opportunity to reconfigure the parking lot in a manner that improves access and safe travel, optimizes the use of space and prioritizes tree health and root protection. The Park Board and staff are working with the Environmental and Public Areas Planning Committee to ensure that trees removed from the parking lot are replaced at a 2:1 ratio. In addition, the Board has approved a parking lot layout plan that sees 21 irrigated greenspaces with trees interspersed throughout the lot as well as increased tree screening surrounding the parking lot’s perimeter.

Cultus Lake Park Board Foreshore Management Plan Application – Commercial Type A

We encourage those to submit comments.

This application is currently accepting comments for the next 6 days. Commenting will close on January 9, 2021.


Application Details

The Cultus Lake Park Board (CLPB) submitted a Land Act Lease application to convert the existing foreshore institutional lease for the purpose of managing public facilities and controlling the construction of boathouses, wharves and other water improvement (File 0096779), located along the north edge of Cultus Lake, BC (Cultus Lake Park), into a new commercial lease.
Further, CLPB has requested to modify the boundaries of the foreshore lease area to add the sliver of water area (approximately 22.78 ha) for better management of the existing buoys, docks and swim lines.
The existing improvements within the current lease comprise:
• 42 wharves;
• 4 boat lifts;
• 209 buoys;
• Swim lines; and,
• 2 boat launches: one at the end of Sunnyside Blvd, and the other within Sunnyside Campground.
CLPB wishes to reconstruct one of the existing wharves used for the Main Beach Boat Rentals business, as it is at the end of its life span.
CLPB would provide public access without interference to the Cultus Lake in the Main Beach area where several public parking lots are available and in the Sunnyside Campground area, while restricting public access to the foreshore in the residential areas due to an increase in criminal activity (i.e. break-ins and theft).

See links for more information


2020.06.25 CLPB Recommendation to City of Chilliwack

The Cultus Lake Stewards (CLASS) is assisting the Province with its smallmouth bass mitigation project at Cultus Lake, by sharing the information with community groups in the region.

Smallmouth bass is an invasive, introduced species that will harm the ecosystem balance, diversity and sustainability by reducing numbers of sockeye salmon and trout fry and pygmy sculpin in Cultus Lake, if the population is allowed to flourish. Please share this information with your network.

Sunnyside Campground Online Booking Notice

We will be temporarily turning off online booking for Sunnyside Campground from 12:00am January 1st to 12:00am January 11, 2021 to complete maintenance.  Campers are more than welcome to send in email requests and we will respond in the order they arrive.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Expect traffic delays both ways

Power lines across Cultus Lake Road at Cultus Lake Community Hall due to a fallen tree.

This post will be updated with information once provided by BC Hydro and Cultus Lake Fire Department

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