Residential Parking Permits (including guests of residents)

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Residential Leaseholder User Manual: How To Guide for Electronic Parking Permit – Residential Replace Vehicle Feature Added
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As per the Cultus Lake Park Board Parking and Traffic Regulations Bylaw No. 1190, 2021, and all amendments, all vehicles parked on Cultus Lake Park property are required to register valid parking permits through their online portal. Each lease lot has access to four (4) free permits, and two (2) more daily permits at the cost of $6 each. All residential leaseholders also have the option to purchase two (2) more annual permits at the cost of $100 each through the Cultus Lake Park Office.

All residential parking permits are valid in residential areas which include Birch Street and Sunnyside Boulevard Overflow lots.

These permits are not valid in lots A, B, C or D or at the Plaza.

If you require a parking permit, please bring appropriate identification so that we will be able to verify that you are the leaseholder authorized to register for permits.

Annual parking permits may be registered at the Cultus Lake Park office during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, excluding statutory holidays.


Parking is enforced by Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Please contact the Cultus Lake Park Enforcement Officers at 604-858-5298 if you have any questions or concerns.

It is important to note that if you have not paid for parking, are parked in a spot that is marked “No Parking,” are parking in residential laneways, or are otherwise in non-compliance of a parking bylaw, you will be ticketed and depending on the parking infraction or length of time you are in non-compliance with the parking bylaw, your vehicle may be towed.

To pay for your parking violation ticket, please click on the green button “Pay Violation Ticket” at the top right of our website. You will require the ticket number and your license plate number to successfully pay online.

If you receive a parking violation ticket and wish to appeal, please follow the directions on the back of your parking ticket.

Good Parking Guidelines

We know that finding parking at Cultus Lake Park can sometimes be challenging and can cause frustration. Please be considerate of others. Park in designated parking areas and pay for your parking.

If you see someone breaking parking rules, they may be visitors, unaware of the parking rules and regulations. If you want to let them know that they aren’t in the right place – please inform them in a respectful and courteous manner and, if you can, help them to understand where they can park.

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