Cultus Lake Park Village Centre Plan – Guiding Principles

Cultus Lake Park Board is committed to ensuring the Village Centre Plan is shaped by the core values of the community members who reside, work, and recreate in Cultus Lake Park.
The following guiding principles are the defining features of the Village Centre Plan that build upon the foundational principles established in PlanCultus (Cultus Lake Park Plan
Bylaw No. 1080, 2016). The principles have been developed based on community input fromvarious engagement activities held during the Village Centre Planning process. They are also
rooted in best practices for community development and are informed by the technical work completed to understand what is possible and financially feasible at the site. The guiding
principles present how the Park Board will stay committed to preserving and advancing community values as the Village Centre is redeveloped.

Preserve and Enhance Community Character: All future development will be designed to align with the unique community character that is the heart of Cultus Lake Park. This
includes ensuring future development is of appropriate scale and incorporates design features that complement the existing form and character of the lake community.

Respect the Cultural History and Identity of Cultus Lake: The Indigenous history of Cultus Lake will be acknowledged and reflected in the design of the future Village Centre. Th’ewa’:li (Soowahlie) First Nations have occupied the traditional territory surrounding Cultus Lake Park since time immemorial. Partnership opportunities with Th’ewa’:li (Soowahlie) First Nations will be explored to pay respect to their cultural history and identity throughout the Village Centre as redevelopment occurs. This could be done through built form design, integration of design elements, public displays of art, and natural features such as tree and plant species.

Champion Environmental Protection and Sustainability: The health of the Park’s natural environment, including the lake and green spaces, will be prioritized. Any future
development at the Village Centre should be designed in a manner that minimizes the site’s ecological footprint and mitigates potential negative impacts to the broader Park ecosystem.
Opportunities to integrate sustainable design features into the site to promote climate change mitigation, adaptation and resiliency will be explored.

Promote Safe and Accessible Connections: The Village Centre will be a safe and accessible site for people of all ages and abilities traveling on foot or by wheel. Opportunities for
improving existing and creating new non-vehicular connections within and to the Village Centre will be explored. Prioritizing safe connections for pedestrians and cyclists will help to
reduce the reliance on vehicles for movement within the Park and support opportunities for social interaction.

Support Small, Local Businesses: The Park Board will prioritize small-scale, local businesses within the Village Centre that generate revenue for the Park’s economy. Existing and new
businesses will be supported through the creation of designated spaces for commercial uses at the site. In attracting new businesses, consideration will be given to the provision of
services that meet community needs.

Foster Social Interactions though Community Gathering Spaces: The Village Centre will offer dedicated spaces for the community to gather year-round. These spaces will serve as
social hubs for all community members and visitors who access the Park to connect, celebrate and engage in various activities. The incorporation of seating areas, landscaping,
and multi-purpose spaces for events and programming will encourage year-round use of the site and help to foster social interactions.

Ensure Long-Term Financial Sustainability: Transparency in the financial management of the Park is critical to maintaining community support and understanding the pursuit of new initiatives. The Park Board is committed to fiscal responsibility and ensuring the long-term financial health of the Park. Critical to this success is balancing community aspirations for the Village Centre with the available resources to avoid unnecessary financial burden on residential and commercial leaseholders.

These guiding principles encompass a wide spectrum of community values. Through their thoughtful implementation, the Village Centre Plan can not only enhance the physical landscape but also strengthen the social fabric and overall well-being of the community.

Learn more about the Village Centre Plan, by attending the next Village Center Planning and Development Committee Meeting.

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