Cultus Lake Park offers boaters a range of opportunities to get out and enjoy the water.

For Cultus Lake Park residents and visitors who own a boat, there are two boat launches. The public boat launch is at the end of Sunnyside Boulevard and the boat launch for registered campers is at Sunnyside Campground.

Cultus Lake Park Boat Launch

The public boat launch for Cultus Lake residents and visitors is at the end of Sunnyside Boulevard near Cultus Lake Marina & Rentals Ltd.

For more information about the Public Boat Launch, please contact the Cultus Lake Park Office.

Sunnyside Campground Boat Launch

The Sunnyside boat launch is available ONLY to overnight and seasonal campers. Please note that this is NOT a public boat launch. It is for Sunnyside campers only. Sunnyside campers please ask for directions to this boat launch at the Sunnyside Campground Gatehouse.

For more information about the Sunnyside Campground boat launch, please contact Sunnyside Campground Administration.

Boat Trailer Parking

Oversized parking is available at Lot B.

Monthly boat trailer parking is available at the Public Works Yard for residential leaseholders only (proof of lease is required) for $2.50 per day, from June 1 to September 30.

Monthly boat trailer storage may be available as determined by staff for residential leaseholders only for $65 per month, from October 1 through May 31. Please contact the Park Office to arrange storage and to make a payment.

Boat Moorage/Buoys

Leaseholders, residents, campers, and visitors to the Cultus Lake Park community are welcome to use Park facilities and to apply for registration to moor boats within the Cultus Lake Park foreshore (100 meters from the high water mark).

Currently, there is a moratorium in place and no new buoys will be added. For those interested in being put on a waiting list should things change in the future regarding buoys, please contact Reception at (604) 858-3334 or [email protected].

Boating is a big part of why so many people love Cultus Lake Park. In managing the foreshore, the goal of the Cultus Lake Park Administration and Board is to enhance public safety, to allow staff to contact boat and/or buoy owners in case of boats breaking free, to reduce negative environmental impacts, to improve lake aesthetics, and to provide a more positive and pleasing experience for all users.

Mooring buoys must be registered and marked in accordance with Transport Canada regulations and Park Board requirements. Please contact the Park Office for more information.

For those with current approved applications, moorage registration is mandatory and registration renewal and fees are due by March 15th of each year.

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