Chair – Commissioner Erika Jartved
Vice Chair – A community member, to be appointed at the first Committee Meeting.

The Purpose:
The purpose of the Community Events and Engagement Committee is to create experiences that promote Community Spirit and Pride in Cultus Lake Park. The Committee will provide a wide variety of activities throughout the Park, promoting engagement from both residents and non-residents.

Each committee is chaired by a Board member and has terms of reference, which provides the purpose and mandate of the committee’s work.

2024 Community Events and Engagement Committee Terms of Reference amended
Committee Application 2024 Fillable

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 7:30 am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 6506 0203

Passcode: 134805

Previous Community Events and Engagement Committee Meeting Agendas

04.09.2024 Meeting Agenda Package
2024.02.20 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.02.08 Meeting Agenda
2023.02.22 Meeting Agenda Amended
2023.03.22 Meeting Agenda
2023.04.14 Meeting Agenda
2023.05.03 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.05.16 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.05.29 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.06.06 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.06.19 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.07.13 Meeting Agenda
2023.09.06 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.09.22 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.10.25 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.11.08 Meeting Agenda Package
2023.11.21 Meeting Agenda Package

2024 Cultus Lake Park Committees:

Community Events and Engagement Committee
Environmental and Public Area’s Planning Committee
Village Center Planning and Development Committee

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