Online Information and Engagement Session: June 20, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Stewardship Centre for BC (SCBC) will be hosting another information and engagement session for the Cultus Lake Park Green Shores Demonstration Project taking place on the Northwest shoreline just off Lakeshore Drive. This information session will be held via Zoom from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on June 20th, 2024. The session will provide an overview of the project goals, timelines, and design elements with an opportunity for questions and feedback. SCBC would like to invite any interested participants to register for the online session here: Please email the Project Manager, Andrea McDonald ([email protected]) with any questions.

Cultus Lake Park Green Shores® Demonstration Project is a Go!

The Stewardship Centre for BC is pleased to announce that they have secured dedicated funding for a Green Shores® nature-based shoreline rehabilitation project that will help endangered Cultus Lake sockeye salmon, increase the lake’s resilience to climate change, and honour the natural beauty of native shoreline gardens already planted and cared for by multiple residents of the community. This project will also mark Cultus Lake Park as a leader in lakeshore rehabilitation, demonstrating our commitment to protecting our shoreline ecosystems and helping endangered species.

The Cultus Lake Park Green Shores® Demonstration project will affect just a small portion of the shoreline adjoining Sweltzer Creek, which is important to the migration of Cultus Lake sockeye salmon. The project aims to:

1. Promote and help healthy Cultus Lake sockeye salmon habitat and populations.
2. Improve riparian and aquatic ecosystem health and water quality.
3. Restore natural shoreline processes and mitigate erosion.

4. Engage, educate, and collaborate with the Cultus Lake Park community.

What is Green Shores®?

Green Shores® is a Stewardship Centre for BC (SCBC) program that, in cooperation with its funding and project partners, promotes nature-based solutions to rehabilitate natural shoreline processes, increase habitat and biodiversity, reduce pollutants, and enhance resiliency to the increasing risks associated with climate change. It provides science-based information, site assessment, comprehensive training, a robust credit-based certification system, and monitoring protocols to support waterfront homeowners and communities in enhancing the health, beauty, and resiliency of shorelines in their care.

You can learn more about Green Shores® programs for homes, development, and local governments and access additional resources through SCBC’s Green Shores web pages.

How can you get involved?

This project is just getting started. Further information regarding funding sources and engagement opportunities will be coming soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for further information through Cultus Lake Park’s community emails and news thread at and the Cultus Lake Stewardship Society [email protected] or .

Please feel free to contact Andrea McDonald, Project Manager, by email at [email protected] with questions. You can also sign up for project updates through SCBC’s news list or follow SCBC on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Green Shores Cultus Lake Park Overview Presentation 2023

A brief summary of the benefits of nature-based solutions for shorelines can be found here:

Green Shores for Shoreline Development Credits and Ratings Guide

Green Shores Resources:

Green Shores 2020: Impact, Value and Lessons Learned – The benefit report for communities referenced in the presentation can be found here:,%20Value%20and%20Lessons%20Learned_%20Full%20Report_July2020.pdf

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