Cultus Lake Park has approximately 1,500 residential leases. Residents, either seasonal or year-round, lease their properties for a 21-year term.

Lease Services

For inquiries regarding lease transfers and transactions, please contact the Lease Administrator at: (604) 847-2044 or [email protected].

Assignment of Lease – Cultus Lake Park Process and Procedures

The Cultus Lake Park administration team is committed to providing excellent customer service, and are here to assist you with the lease assignment process.

The Lease & Assignment Information form provides full details for the steps required to purchase or sell residential leasehold property as well as Estate Assignments, General Assignments (between family members, seller and purchaser, lessee and financial institution) and Filing a Charge/Lien/Interest and Entering into a New Lease Term.

In accordance with Cultus Lake Park Board Motion 1695-09, a leaseholder may only be registered on one lease, except in specific circumstances.

Applications, Sample Leases and Other Related Forms

Lease Transfers

All lease transfers are reported to the Board after the end of each quarter:

2020 Quarterly Reports


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