Our next regular meeting is on Wednesday, Nov. 25, at 9:30 a.m. till about 11 a.m.

Please find attached the agenda for the meeting and the minutes from the last gathering.

You can join us on Wednesday from wherever you are via Zoom at the following:

Topic: Dave Clyne’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Nov 25, 2020 09:30 AM Vancouver

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Meeting ID: 871 1834 4037
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We hope you are well and keeping safe, healthy and active.

Contact me if you have any questions about the CLASS docs, or accessing the Zoom meeting.

Our next meeting will be in the New Year, on January 27.

Tree Removal – Parking Lot B

There seems to be a significant amount of misinformation being posted to community based social media pages regarding the Tree removal in Parking Lot “B”.
To clarify, the trees are not being removed to create additional parking stalls, they are being removed due to the fact that they have suffered, from the time the parking lot was created from root compaction and the trees are dying from the top down. The original design of this lot had vehicles parking on the roots of these trees and over the last 20 years the trees ability to get water and nutrients to the top has been prevented. The trees in the parking lot have been dying for many years and have now become unsafe and need to be removed which was brought before the Park Board in a meeting in April of 2020. The decision to remove the trees was decided long before the redesign of the parking lot was contemplated.
The plan for the new lot has irrigation for the green spaces and replaces the 35 removed trees with 70 trees that will live for many years into the future. It will also include and new basketball court, resurfacing the tennis courts, a walking path that will link Main Beach to the Plaza, paved travelled areas and paved Handicap accessible stalls and Improved flow to help with lot safety.
The Park, through the Environmental Committee has planted 100’s of new trees in the Park over this last 3 years and is committed to continuing to make the park safe and protecting the natural environment by investing in green spaces within the 640 acres.
For reference the two pictures below reference the Douglas Fir tree in lot “B” with root compaction and the other represents a Heathy Douglas Fir with no root compaction on Lakeshore Drive.
Joe Lamb, CAO


  • Treat your keys like cash. Never leave your keys unguarded, and do not leave them or a spare in the vehicle.

  • Park in secure, well-lit areas. Always lock your doors and close the windows, even if you’re only away from your vehicle for a few minutes. When possible, try to park in areas near pedestrian traffic.

  • Remove valuables from your vehicle. Shopping bags, tools, spare change, electronics, and brief cases can all tempt a thief. If it can be stolen, put it in the trunk.

  • Wait for garage door to close behind you.  Don’t give thieves a chance to sneak in..

  • Keep your garage door opener out of sight. Store your garage door remote in a glove box or other concealed place, or take it with you.

  • Use an electronic engine immobilizer or steering wheel lock or alarm. Additional anti-theft devices can help secure your vehicle, particularly if it was manufactured before 2007.

Most stolen items from vehicles

Remember that what’s in your vehicle is also at risk. According to police reports, these items are the most popular:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Personal electronics—tablets, laptops, iPods, GPS
  3. Work tools
  4. Credit cards and identification
  5. Stereo equipment
  6. Cash and change
  7. Car parts and accessories
  8. Garage door openers
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Keys​​

Parking Lot B Tree Removal

 2020 Parking Lot B Reconfiguration

Trees in Parking Lot B were professionally assessed in early 2020 and staff was urged to promptly remove dying/compromised trees. Removing unhealthy trees now prior to further deterioration reduces significant risks to health and safety and provides opportunity to off-set the cost of parking lot improvements. This past August the Board considered parking lot development options and plans are underway to improve the lot’s design and function in early 2021. The improved design allows for irrigated landscaping and replacement of trees and a ratio of 2:1.

The Cultus Lake Stewards (CLASS) is assisting the Province with its smallmouth bass mitigation project at Cultus Lake

2020.06.25 CLPB Recommendation to City of Chilliwack

The Cultus Lake Stewards (CLASS) is assisting the Province with its smallmouth bass mitigation project at Cultus Lake, by sharing the information with community groups in the region.

Smallmouth bass is an invasive, introduced species that will harm the ecosystem balance, diversity and sustainability by reducing numbers of sockeye salmon and trout fry and pygmy sculpin in Cultus Lake, if the population is allowed to flourish. Please share this information wlith your network.

On November 18th and 19th Valley Waste & Recycling Inc. will be delivering the larger 240L mixed recycling totes to residents who requested the larger tote style.

Feel free to contact the Cultus Lake Park office should you have any questions or concerns.


Military Training in Cultus Lake, 39 Combat Engineer Regiment – Notice

39 Combat Engineer Regiment Training

  1. Any inquiries from the public can be directed to the 39 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs Officer, Captain Graeme Kaine, at 604-809-7385
  2. The exercise has reduced in scale and scope since the attached letter was written in light of the most recent Provincial Health Order. We are now expecting no more than 80 people, still separated into cohorts of no more than 40.
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