Cultus Lake Park is your recreation destination for fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, hiking, swimming and so much more! Located only 11 kilometers south of the Chilliwack River, it is the gem of the Fraser Valley.

While you are here come support our local restaurants, shops and amusement parks! There is something for the entire family to enjoy. This unique community is also home to more than 1,500 residential leaseholders, 21 commercial businesses and Sunnyside Campground, with close to 600 campsites. The park receives no funding on a Local, Provincial or Federal level and is entirely self-sustaining. We appreciate all of your continued support to protect and preserve this natural landmark.

May 23, 2024

For the safety of our community, please be notified of an incident reported today involving a young woman from Soowahlie First Nations, who was approached aggressively by a man to get into his vehicle.

This occurred between Leavens Road and the dispensary on Columbia Valley Highway and has been reported to the RCMP.

The man is described as being in his late 40’s to early 50’s, having short blond/grey hair, wearing a light blue golf shirt, and driving a 2-door, grey vehicle with tan coloured dash.

Please use extra caution walking in the area.

Should you have any information related to the incident, please contact the RCMP non-emergency line at 604-792-4611 or dial 911 if you are in immediate danger.

May 23, 2024

2024.05.24 Road Closure Notice – 135 LR

May 23, 2024

The Fraser Valley Regional District will be conducting paving of patches of the roadway near 44 Lakeshore Drive and 216 Lakeshore Drive, tomorrow, weather dependent.

Following the above, paving of a patch of roadway will be done on First Avenue near Birch Street Park.

Staff do not anticipate any roadway obstructions for residents and guests during this work.

May 23, 2024

Please be advised that the laneway between Spruce Street and Balsam Street will be closed today and tomorrow for the removal of the lost structure at 323 Spruce Street.

The laneway will be closed until approximately 4:30 pm daily.

Should you have any questions, please contact Todd McKay, Manager of Park Operations, at 604-847-2043 or [email protected].

May 17, 2024

The Cultus Lake Park Board Regular Meeting was held May 15, 2024, at 7:00 pm in the Cultus Lake Park Office Boardroom.

Staff compiled a summary of the agenda items presented to the Board and the corresponding motions in the link below:

May 17, 2024

As we move into the summer season, with the risk of fires, residential and forest, Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement Officers will be conducting a property maintenance review within the residential area. Staff will address any property with unsightly premises, such as debris stored outside the residence, overgrowth of vegetation and spilled garbage.

Staff will also be increasing patrols throughout residential areas to identify opportunities to minimize attractants for wildlife and increase the safety of our residents.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers will seek compliance as outlined in the Cultus Lake Park Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 1210, 2022:

General Regulations

3.1        No leaseholder, occupier or tenant of a leased lot will cause, suffer or permit:

(a) Rubbish, noxious, offensive, or unwholesome matter to collect or accumulate on the leased lot;

(b) rubbish to overflow from or accumulate around any container situated on the leased lot;

(c) the leased lot to become or remain unsightly;

(d) grass, weeds or other similar ground cover over 25 cm in height;

(e)  the accumulation of dead landscaping, vegetation, noxious weeds or other growths to occur or to remain on the leased lot;

(f)   the infestation of caterpillars or other insects, mice, rats, or other pests, or destructive animals to occur on the leased lot;

(g)  in respect to a leased lot for which a Building Permit has been issued by the Building Inspector, demolition waste, construction waste or trade waste to accumulate on the leased lot; or

(h)  an accumulation of motor vehicle parts or any vehicle which is in a state of disrepair or disassembly or is a derelict vehicle.

Vacant Premises

3.2      No leaseholder, occupier or tenant of a leased lot will cause or create a nuisance or permit a nuisance to be caused or created by allowing a vacant building on a leased lot to fall into such a state of disrepair that it becomes unsightly or creates a hazard, danger, nuisance, or inconvenience to the public.

Fines, as per the Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 1140, 2019 and all amendments:  

3.1(a) Permit rubbish, to collect $500
3.1(b) Rubbish to overflow from container $500
3.1(c) Leased lot unsightly $500
3.1(d) ground cover over 25 cm in height $200
3.1(e) Permit dead landscaping/vegetation $200
3.1(f) Infestation insects or vermin $500
3.1(g) Accumulation of construction waste $500
3.1(h) Accumulation of motor vehicle or parts $500
3.2 Vacant building in disrepair. $500


Should you have any questions, please contact Rachel Litchfield, Manager of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer at 604-847-2041 or [email protected].

May 13, 2024

Residents and guests,

Please be advised that staff have received notification of a bear spotted near the entrance of Sunnyside Campground in the alleyway near Park Drive and Columbia Valley Highway. Staff have also received reports of a cougar that was spotted this morning in the campground, likely coming from the residential areas and a bear on Sunday, May 12th in the park’s westside residential area.

As summer approaches and wildlife sightings increase, it is important to take precautions when exploring the campground and park. Below are some helpful tips to protect the community and wildlife as they pass by on their travels:

•Keep garbage inside until the morning of garbage collection and bring your bins in immediately (if possible) following collection

•Odorous garbage can be kept inside a plastic bag and frozen until garbage day

•Garbage can also be kept in the basement or inside the garage or shed if it is bear proof

•Use airtight garbage containers

•Businesses/property owners can install bear-proof garbage bins

•Businesses can also construct a bear proof fence/storage area to house garbage until collection time

•Neighbourhood garbage conflicts can be addressed through residents being proactive in their neighbourhood

•Encourage residents to talk to the neighbour(s) causing bear conflict and help educate them about bear attractants

•Garbage should not be left in the back of vehicles or under canopies; they aren’t bear proof and will likely get damaged

•Remove any meat, meat by-products, fish, and cooked fruit and vegetables from compost

•Covering the compost with a light cover of dirt or soil or a heavy cover of grass clippings will also assist with odours

•Clean the compost bin regularly

•Barbeques and drip pans should be cleaned after each use since grease and fat are a high calorie food source for bears

•Covering a cleaned barbeque will further help to reduce the transmission of food odour

• Pet food should be kept in an airtight, non-odorous container locked inside residences. Pet food should not be left unattended outside. If pets are fed outdoors, bring in the food dish between feedings.

For more information please visit: Human-Wildlife Conflict – Province of British Columbia (

May 13, 2024

Bear Sighting near Lakeshore Drive

May 9, 2024

Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement, Security and RCMP teams are now in place and ready to kick off this summer season’s enforcement!

We encourage visitors, guests, and members of the community to “Play it Safe” while enjoying your time in the park. For bylaw and/or security related issues please call the phone numbers listed below.

If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please dial 911.

Should you have any questions, please contact Rachel Litchfield, Manager of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer at 604-847-2041 or email at [email protected].

Bylaw Enforcement and Security Contact Information
Play it Safe in Cultus Lake Park

May 3, 2024

Cultus Lake Park Summer Policing Kick-Off Meeting

Manager of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer, Rachel Litchfield, led the kick-off meeting with this year’s Seasonal Policing Team, Bylaw Enforcement, Parking Enforcement, Fire Department Chief and volunteer members, as well as the Park’s new Security team, Frontline Integrated Security. The annual meeting creates an opportunity to align enforcement, safety, and educational tactics ahead of the summer season in the park.

The group highlighted the season’s focus on bylaw enforcement to keep the community safe, smoke-free and will take a zero-tolerance approach for consumption of alcohol on beaches and public areas.

RCMP will continue with communications and media releases to heighten public awareness of the importance of water and boating safety which will be shared across the Fraser Valley. The enforcement teams also aim to increase resource collaboration in emergency situations.

Should you have any questions related to bylaw enforcement, please contact Rachel Litchfield, Manager of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer at 604-847-2041 or [email protected].

Cultus Lake Fire Department Is Looking for Volunteers!

Complete the application below and submit to the office in person or via mail.
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