Cultus Lake Park is your recreation destination for fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, hiking, swimming and so much more! Located only 11 kilometers south of the Chilliwack River, it is the gem of the Fraser Valley. While you are here come support our local restaurants, shops and amusement parks! There is something for the entire family to enjoy. This unique community is also home to more than 1,500 residential leaseholders, 21 commercial businesses and Sunnyside Campground, with close to 600 campsites. The park receives no funding on a Local, Provincial or Federal level and is entirely self-sustaining. We appreciate all of your continued support to protect and preserve this natural landmark!

An increased number of bear sightings have been reported throughout Cultus Lake Park and surrounding areas.

You can help reduce potential conflicts with bears by securing attractants and preventing bears from becoming food conditioned. In most calls to the Conservation Officer Services, garbage is identified as the primary attractant.

Residents are encouraged to report any strewn waste throughout public and residential areas to the Cultus Lake Park office, to help keep our community safe and secure. Reports can be made on the Cultus Lake Park app. Additionally, you can notify staff by emailing [email protected] or by calling Reception at 604-858-3334.

WildSafeBC highlights the following items and the most common attractants for bears and other wildlife:

Pets and pet food
Bird feeders
Fruit trees
Berry bushes
Livestock, apiaries, and feed
Fish and smokehouses

For more information on how you can support reducing wildlife attractants, please visit the WildSafeBC website at

Job Postings
Building Custodian Special Assignment
Park Utility I Special Assignment

Cultus Lake Park residents are reminded to set out containers for collection only between 12:00 pm on the day prior to pick up and 8:00 am on the day of collection (Monday).

Staff ask that containers are placed at the curb facing the road with the lids closed for ease of collection.

Valley Waste and Recycling will collect and dispose contents of:

– one green tote;

– one recycle tote; and

– up to 240L of refuse (two 120L garbage bags or two 120L garbage containers).

Additional green waste or recycling material not fully contained in the totes will not be collected, i.e., cardboard boxes, paper bags of green waste, etc. However, leaseholders are welcome to purchase “extra garbage bag” stickers from the Cultus Lake Park office for $1.50 to set out an additional 25kg of refuse. Stickers are valid for garbage only, not green waste or recycling.

For the benefit of the Community’s health and safety, when containers are not at the curb for collection, they must be stored safe and securely wholly on lease lots to avoid attracting animals. The link below to Fraser Valley Regional District’s Waste Wise brochure provides practical information on collection materials and their respective waste stream.

Waste Wise Brochure
2022-2023 Waste Collection Schedule

There have been multiple bear sightings recently within Cultus Lake Park and Sunnyside Campground.

This notice is to advise residents, campers, and commercial leaseholders to ensure that all waste receptacles are contained and that absolutely no waste is left out. If you have compost, please ensure that containers are secure to reduce odour attractants.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers will be patrolling all areas starting today to seek compliance as per Cultus Lake Park Property Maintenance Bylaw.

Warning tickets will be issued, and phone calls will be made if waste is left unsecured and/or located outside of the lease lot. Infraction tickets will be issued for any noncompliance on this matter.

Should you have any questions, please contact Rachel Litchfield, Corporate Services / Corporate Officer at [email protected].

Wildlife sightings can be reported directly to 1-877-952-7277.

For more information on bears in BC please visit

Bear Sighting Near Cultus Lake Park – June 20, 2022

Notice of Intent – Buoy Compliance
2022 Notice of Intent

The Cultus Lake Park App has finally arrived!

The Cultus Lake Park Board and staff are introducing a new platform to improve communication and increase operational efficiency to better serve the members of the community, Sunnyside Campground campers, nearby stakeholders, and guests. The Cultus Lake Park app will enable our community to receive important park updates right to their cell phone, tablet, or other smart devices!

Download this free app to your mobile device to view current news and information similar to our website content. The app makes it easy to stay connected with improved accessibility to the Parking Permit Portal, calendar of events and more. If push notifications are enabled, users will receive up to date emergency information, road closures, wildlife alerts, and other park initiatives.

The Cultus Lake Park app provides users the ability to report issues such as non-urgent Bylaw infractions like garbage/debris concerns, noise complaints, and vandalism. The community should continue to contact emergency services directly in the case of urgent matters. Additionally, users can report street light outages and tree concerns throughout residential, Sunnyside Campground, and public areas through the app. Reports submitted will be directed to the appropriate departments to ensure action is taken. Users can report issues directly through the app or by clicking the link on the homepage of the Cultus Lake Park website at

Reporters will have the choice to report anonymously and will select to either share this concern privately with staff or publicly for all users to view. If reports are submitted privately, all the user’s information and report details will be shared only with park staff and will not be visible on the app for other users. If reports are submitted publicly, all other users will be able to view all report details on the app. Staff encourage users to report with their personal contact information on both private and publicly viewed reports to support any required follow up. Reporters can view status updates related to their reports through the My Reports section of the app, including all other public reports made by other users.

Should you have any questions, please contact Amanda Nadeau, Communications, Media, and Event Coordinator at [email protected]

Download the Cultus Lake Park app from the App Store or Google Play today!

Cultus Lake Fire Department Looking for Volunteers!
Complete the application below and submit to the office in person or via mail.
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