COVID-19 Update: What’s Open

During this time, when we are all physical distancing to do our part to flatten the curve – helping to keep our loved ones, our neighbours and everyone safe – it is important to support local businesses, if you can. We all want to make sure that they are still in business when we come out on the other side of this.

In the Cultus Lake Park community, the following businesses are open:

  • Superette Grocery Store (It was closed for a few days for renovations, but is now open!)
  • Lakeside Beach Club is offering take-out
  • Legends Bistro at Cultus Lake Golf Club is offering take-out
  • New York Corned Beef Connection mostly does wholesale, but they may do some individual sales
  • Canada Post
  • Esso (they are doing business through their window)

Cultus Lake Park is closed to the public as a result of COVID-19 and the need for physical distancing. All public areas, docks, the boat launch, dog parks and facilities are closed, and the gates at the parking lots are locked. The Park Board understands that this is disappointing to some – but it is necessary. The entire Cultus Lake community is working together to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19 and to flatten the curve.

At this time, Cultus Lake Park’s Sunnyside Campground is not yet open for the season. The Board and staff are monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates to the seasonal campers in the days ahead.

Please note that Jade Bay boat launch and Teapot Hill are closed; however, they are not within the Cultus Lake Park boundaries – they are managed by BC Parks. Please connect with BC Parks if you have questions concerning these areas.

Thank you all for your commitment to physical distancing and to our great little community. We are in this together!

Update from Cultus Lake Park Staff

This is a challenging time for everyone, and we want you to know that the Cultus Lake Park team is here to help. If you have concerns or issues about something to do with the Park, please email us at: [email protected] or give us a call at: 604-858-3334. While our office is closed to the public, staff are working.

Our Bylaw Officer is still on the ground. If you see any issues that are bylaw related, please contact the Bylaw Office at: 604-858-5298. If you don’t get to speak to our Bylaw Officer in person, please leave a message and he will get back to you.

Many of the shops in Cultus Lake Park are open. Lakeside Beach Club and Legends Bistro at Cultus Lake Golf Club are both offering take-out. New York Corned Beef Connection mostly does wholesale, but they may do some individual sales. Canada Post is open. Esso is open and doing business through their window. If you can, please support local businesses during this time.

Please take the time to reach out by phone, text or email to your neighbours – especially those who may have underlying health conditions as well as our seniors. Check in to see if they are okay – and if you are going out to grocery shop, ask if they need anything. Having someone offer assistance can mean the world in times like this.

If you can, share a kind word with those who are keeping their shops and restaurants open for us. Thank someone who works in a grocery store and please make sure to show your appreciation for our health care workers and first responders. If you are out and see a truck driver at a fast food place, ask if you can pick up their food through the drive-through for them – sometimes their trucks don’t fit and it can be a challenge for them to get a coffee or something to eat.

Please remember to practice physical distancing, keep a MINIMUM of six feet between you and others when out in public, and regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds or more to help stop the spread of the virus.

Be well, stay safe, and let’s take care of each other during this difficult time.

Legends Bistro at the Lake

Legends Bistro at the Lake, attached to Cultus Lake Golf Course, is a casual dining experience that offers an inviting and warm atmosphere for the whole family. There is a range of seating options – from couches by the fire during the chillier months, to booths in the clubhouse or a seat at the bar. Legends has something for everyone.

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