Committee Meeting Notice:

 Environmental and Public Areas Planning (Select) Committee Next Meeting: March 8, 2019 9:00 am - 11:00 pm in the CLP Boardroom

Operations and Financial Core Review (Select) Committee

The purpose of this Operations and Financial Core Review Committee is to provide options to the Board with respect to the provision, alteration, or elimination of core operating systems including but not limited to the financial accounting systems, budgeting and reporting systems and any contracts that the Park has entered into with the expectation that realization of findings of this committee will recognize financial implications of such decisions for the 2020 budget and beyond.     Expenditure reduction and operational efficiency options will be the primary focus of this committee. Revenue measures are a secondary consideration.

Commissioner Renwick - Chair     Terms of Reference

Commissioner Smit - Vice-Chair

Community Events and Engagement Activities (Select) Committee

The purpose of this select committee is to create experiences that promote Community Spirit and Pride in Cultus Lake Park. This committee will provide a wide variety of activities throughout the Park, promoting engagement from both residents and non-residents.

Commissioner Lamb - Chair                  Terms of Reference

Vice Chiar - TBD

Environmental and Public Areas Planning (Select) Committee

The purpose the Environmental and Public Areas Planning Committee is to provide recommendations to the Board regarding the development of Main Beach, Foreshore Masterplan and Urban Forest Management Plan.  

Commissioner Bauer- Chair      

Commissioner Payeur - Vice Chair      Terms of Reference


Board Committee System Policy



Commercial Leaseholder (Standing) Committee

The purpose of the Commercial Leaseholder Committee is to strenghten and open commmunications between the Board and Commercial leaseholders. (This committee consists of 2 Commercial Leaseholder members, refer to Terms of Reference)

Commissioner Smit - Chair

Commissioner Payeur - Vice Chair Terms of Reference



Committee Volunteer Application Form

Cultus Lake Park is a unique and dynamic place to volunteer! Applications for committee membership are kept on file and considered annually after appointment of the Board Chair and Vice Chair, and throughout the year as needed. You are invited to apply for a seat on the Committee of your choice.

You can also contact the Committee Chair to inquire about helping out with events and projects, without becoming a committee member on a regular basis. Every hour of assistance is appreciated!