Questions regarding the site may be forwarded to Carly Volk, Sunnyside Campground Administrator, at (604) 858-5253 or via email.

Please check back regularly for site exchange information.

Sites remaining after exchange will become available to waitlist campers and awarded accordingly. Should the site(s) not be claimed by a waitlist camper, it will be made available to the public.

Terms and Conditions

No special consideration will be provided if the trailer or camping unit will not fit on the site exchanged to or chosen. Campers will not be permitted to take back their previous site. No refunds will be issued after the refund deadline in this respect.


Hello Seasonal Campers,

Site exchange opens at 9:00 am Thursday, February 13th.  

Please find attached the site measurement information for all available sites.  If you are interested in exchanging for any of the available sites please submit your request to me via email.  You can submit up to 3 choices, please put your selections in order of preference.  We will accept submissions up until 8:00 AM, Tuesday February 18th, 2020.

The 47 sites available are:

Site 22         Site 54         Site 137         Site 235         Site 309

Site 23             Site 56          Site 145             Site 248            Site 313

Site 25             Site 57         Site 153          Site 255          Site 314

Site 33             Site 58            Site 155           Site 270         Site 317

Site 36           Site 63             Site 168           Site 284       Site 337

Site 40           Site 68             Site 199         Site 286       Site 339

Site 41           Site 79           Site 209            Site 290         Site 343

Site 46           Site 91         Site 212        Site 295

Site 52             Site 101          Site 217         Site 297

Site 53           Site 131           Site 228         Site 308

We strongly recommend you come up to take a look at your site choices to ensure the site will work for you.  When looking at the sites please keep in mind that anything on site previously grandfathered such as concrete patios, decking and fencing, will be removed prior to move in date.  Once you choose to take a site you will not be able to take back your previous site.

All online submissions received prior to the posted deadline will be considered for the exchange, the submissions will be sorted by seniority on the current site exchange list and the most senior person will be awarded the site.  I will contact the person awarded the site.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Carly Volk

Sunnyside Campground Administrator
Phone 604-858-5253
Email: [email protected]




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